Southeast Asia Libraries and Librarians

United States of America

Arizona State University

Dr. Ralph Gabbard, Center for Asian Research, Affiliated Faculty, Arizona State University,, (480) 965-9652

Center for Research Libraries

Judy Alspach, Area Studies Program Manager, International Resources, Center for Research Libraries,, (773) 955-4545 x 323

Cornell University

Yen Bui, Original Cataloger, Cornell University,, (607) 255-5752

Carole Atkinson, Senior Information Assistant, Echols Collection on Southeast Asia, Cornell University,, 607-255-8199

Gregory Green, Curator of the Echols Collection on Southeast Asia, Cornell University,, (607) 255-8889

Apikanya McCarty, Original Cataloger, Cornell University,, (607) 255-5752

Jeffrey Petersen, Southeast Asia Librarian, Echols Collection on Southeast Asia, Cornell University,, (607) 255-7229

Harvard University

Richard Lesage, Librarian for South and Southeast Asia, Widener Library, Harvard University,, (617) 495-2508

Chan T. Phan, Vietnamese Collections Librarian, Harvard-Yenching Library, Harvard University,, (617) 496-6007

Indiana University, Bloomington

Karen Stoll Farrell, Head of Area Studies, South Asian and Southeast Asian Studies Librarian, Herman B. Wells Library, Indiana University,, (812) 855-5647

Library of Congress

Dr. Ryan Wolfson-Ford, Southeast Asia Reference Librarian, Library of Congress

Joshua Kueh, Southeast Asia Reference Librarian, Asian Division, Library of Congress,

Dr. Carol Mitchell, Field Director Library of Congress – Southeast Asia Region, Jakarta, Indonesia,, (62-21) 310-2127; 3193-4236; 3144-944

Hong Ta-Moore, Head, Middle East & South Asia Section (LM-535), Asian & Middle Eastern Division, Library of Congress,, (202) 707-3734

Michigan State University

Zoë McLaughlin, South & Southeast Asian Studies Librarian, Michigan State University Libraries,, (517) 884-0867

Northern Illinois University

Hao Phan, Southeast Asia Curator, Founders Memorial Library, Northern Illinois University, (815) 753-1809

Ohio University

Jeffrey Ferrier, Curator, Center for International Collections, Alden Library, Ohio University, (740) 593-9957

Cheng Yen Khoo, Southeast Asia Cataloger, Metadata Services Department, Ohio University, (740) 597-1978

Jeffrey Shane, Southeast Asia Reference Librarian, Alden Library, Ohio University, (740)-593-2657

University of California, Berkeley

Virginia Shih, Curator for the Southeast Asia Collection, University of California, Berkeley,, (510) 643-0850

University of California, Los Angeles

A. Jade Alburo, Librarian for Southeast Asian Studies and Pacific Islands Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, (310) 825-7785

University of California, Riverside

Kuei Chiu, Collection Strategist for Social Sciences and Area Studies, University of California, Riverside,, (951) 827-3705

University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Elena Clariza, Philippine Studies Librarian, Asia Collection, Hamilton Library, University of Hawai’i at Manoa,, (808) 956-2313

Rohayati (Yati) Paseng, Southeast Asia Studies Librarian, Asia Collection, Hamilton Library, University of Hawai’i at Manoa,, (808) 956-2309

University of Michigan

Fe Susan Go, Head, Southeast Asia Division, University of Michigan Library,, (734) 764-7523

Sujira Meesanga, Thai/Lao Cataloger, University of Michigan Library, (734) 936-2343

University of Washington

Dr. Judith Henchy, Head, Southeast Asia Section, Special Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries for International Programs Affiliate Faculty, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington Libraries, (206) 543-3986

Laura Tuck, Thai Cataloger, University of Washington Libraries, (206) 543-1642

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lawrence Ashmun, Southeast Asian Studies Bibliographer, Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, (608) 262-0344

Yale University

Brandon Miliate, Librarian for South & Southeast Asian Studies, Yale University Library, (203) 432-9350


International Directory of Southeast Asia Librarians